Dunk Tanks are now being replaced with the Power Shower, Dunk Tanks get dirty and can become dangerous

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The Power Shower Rental it's just like a Dunk Tanks but Safer and cleaner

The power Shower is a great Alternative to the Dunk Tank


The Power Shower
Similar to a dunk tank but much safer. Your 'victim' sits inside the shower stall. Participants throw balls at the target. A direct hit showers the victim with water. Set-up time is ten minutes and operates on ten gallons of water! Can also be used inside. Popular with principals, Corporate Executives, etc.

Dunk Tanks have been around for many years and everyone just loves them. What would be more fun than dunking the Principle, teacher or even your own boss. These in the past have really bee lots of fun but the Power Shower is the new trend, because they are much safer than a Dunk Tank. It's all fun and games until someone get hurt. That is where the Power Shower comes in, safe and it also doesn't use the volume of water that a Dunk Tank consumes, also the water can be changed with little effort. Have you ever seen how dirty a Dunk Tank gets?

Rent a Power Shower for your next Event, what a great way to add to your Fundraising programs.

Reserve the Power Shower for your next Picnic or Fundraiser


Ideas for Fundraising
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Frozen Food Fund Raising

Magazine Subscription Fund Raisers

Make your Next Fundraiser a Success and Have Fun! You can sell almost anything Cookie Dough, Candy Bars, Gift Wrap, Pizza, Discount Cards and much more.

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At Palmer Marketing, Inc. We offer catering and any Event you have can become The Mega Event with our inflatable games including but not limited to the Moonwalk rental. Did you know that the Moonwalk is also known as the Moonbounce or Spacewalk. Our Moonwalk rentals are not just limited to the Chicago area we also serve many other areas in the Midwest like Milwaukee, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, in the Chicago area we serve many communities including Addison, Lombard, McHenry, East Dundee, Elmhurst, Chicago, Plainfield, Mount Prospect, Carpentersville, Tinley Park, Wheeling, Mundelein, Waukegan, Cary, Hinsdale, Lake Zurich, Westchester, Berwyn, Rockford, Round Lake, Yorkville, Antioch. We can make a successful Carnival Event for your School or City Festival. Our party rentals include popcorn machines, karaoke machines, sno-cone machines and much, much more. The Moonwalk rental is one of the favorite Inflatable Rental we have, smaller children just love the Moonwalk, Moonbounce or Spacewalk along with all of our other exciting inflatable games. The Inflatable Rentals sure draw a large group of kids having lots of fun. So Don't forget your Moonwalk rental when you plan your next special Mega Event remember we serve a large are and not just limited to the Chicago area!
Palmer Marketing, Inc. offers great Fundraising Reward Programs including The Original Mega Event® Fundraiser Reward Party and School Fundraising Ideas!